Sunday, March 29, 2009


My friend Eve is a HUGE Phoenix fan and counts their last album, "It's Never Been Like That," as one of her all-time favorites. Since our taste overlaps a lot, I've listened to that album countless time, but I've never really clicked with it. However, the first songs off of their upcoming album, "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix," are amazing. I love both of them completely, and they've inspired me to revisit "It's Never Been Like That," which I now have a newfound love for. Eve sent me this summary of the new tracks in an email:
you know how when you're listening to music, sometimes you want new stuff, but a lot of the time you want to hear something you know well? it gives you comfort. people like familiarity. well, i think this new phoenix has an immediate sense of familiarity. even though this is the first time i'm hearing these songs, i already know that i want to hear them over and over again.
I totally agree with her...these songs have been on repeat all week.

1901- Phoenix
Lisztomania- Phoenix

Also, Phoenix will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live next week (and Seth Rogen is hosting!).

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