Monday, March 30, 2009

The Mary Onettes EXPLODE!

I first heard the Mary Onettes when their song "Explosions" played during a climactic moment of a terrible episode of Grey's Anatomy. I instantly dug their Jesus & Mary Chain-but-poppier sound (listen to the first bit of "Explosions"...very similar/identical to "Just Like Honey," no?). I just heard a new (I think...) track from the Mary Onettes called "Dare" that I like a lot. I first read about it on a blog that compared the track to something from Shout Out Louds, another band I love. I definitely see the comparison.

Dare- The Mary Onettes
Explosions- The Mary Onettes
Just Like Honey- The Jesus & Mary Chain

Also, here's a video, because I can't listen to the Jesus & Mary Chain without thinking of this:

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