Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harlem Shakes Will Make You Shake.

I read a piece on Harlem Shakes's performance at SXSW and the author mentioned that a member of the band is actually a music critic. After reading this, I imagined the music would be overwrought and contrived- a music critic trying to be the next TV on the Radio and please his peers. However, the Harlem Shakes are quite the opposite. Their songs are light, airy swirls of pop laced with piano flourishes, horn jabs and the occasional disorted undertone. Vocal harmonies are sweet but not cloying, choruses are catchy but not forcefully so. The shaky Afro-beats feel authentic rather than copped off of Vampire Weekend. Basically, Harlem Shakes just sound like a bunch of guys trying to make some good songs. Mission accomplished. If you're working on your summertime barbeque soundtrack, be sure to use tracks off of the band's new album, "Technicolor Health."

Niagara Falls- Harlem Shakes
Nothing Changes, Pt. II- Harlem Shakes
Strictly Game- Harlem Shakes


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