Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nico Stai

I'm a huge Alexandra Patsavas fan (she's the music supervisor for Grey's Anatomy/The O.C./Gossip Girl/Chuck) and I think she has awesome taste in music. So, when I heard she was teaming up with O.C.-mastermind Josh Schwartz for an web series about a music club called "Rockville, CA," I was pretty excited. At this point, I've seen all the webisodes and the writing is extremely inane, as expected, but the musical guests are fantastic. Everyone from Passion Pit to Travis to Kaiser Cheifs to the Kooks has performed on the show. Also, while in the actual episode you only hear snatches of each song, there are separate videos on the website so that people like me can tune into the whole performance.

Anyway, this is how I discovered Nico Stai, a fantastic garage-rocking singer-songwriter. He performed "Dead Pony" and my personal favorite, "Covered Too" on the first episode of "Rockville, CA."

Also, here's a link to a post I did for BYT about the show: CLICK.
Nico Stai on MySpace.

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