Saturday, April 18, 2009

Your Guide To the Twitterverse: Musician Editions

Since Twitter is apparently taking over the universe, I think it's important that I educate you all on the best musicians to follow. Get a-twitterin'...

Lily Allen: Lily is currently on tour, so her tweets are mostly rhyming riddles leading fans to spots where she has hidden pairs of tickets.

Jay Reatard: Pretty average tweets about his day-to-day routine. Lots of comments about food and music, plus odd punctuation use.

Edward Droste (of Grizzly Bear): Fantasizes about rolling in Wayne Coyne's hamster ball and posts tour/album announcements. Also tweets about strollin' through NYC.

Colin Meloy: Mourns closing book stores, makes up NPR names, celebrates Record Store Day. Pretty much exactly how you would imagine Colin Meloy's mind working.

John Mayer: Enthusiastic, self-absorbed and funny. Lately he's been hosting contests to see the unusual tattoos (and offering signed guitars or handwritten song lyrics as prizes!).

Amanda Palmer: Currently, lots and lots of Coachella updates! Other than that, lots of pictures and sarcasm.

Ted Leo: Favorite songs, pictures of his travels, funny exchanges with other tweeters.

Asher Roth: Weed, sports, and self-promotion.

D.A. Wallach (of Chester French): Pretty much just self-promotion.

Skye Skjelset (of Fleet Foxes): From-the-road tour updates, gets really excited about seeing Natalie Portman walking her dog.

Robin Pecknold
(of Fleet Foxes): From-the-road tour updates, favorite movies, puppy-love for Leonard Cohen.

Mates of State: Commentary on favorite cities, cute motivational sayings.


*gori* said...

this has nothing to do with twitter, but neko case at lollapalooza are you saving already?

Nina said...

i wish! too far away i think. parents will not approve.