Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Crooked Fingers feat. Neko Case- Your Control

When I saw Neko Case last week, Will Sheff opened, but for most of her current tour, Crooked Fingers is the opening act. I'd never heard of Crooked Fingers before but I looked into them (a friend of Neko is a friend of mine!) and I found this awesome track called "Your Control" featuring Neko. It's a pretty straight-up pop rock song but as usual, Neko's voice brings it to the next level. "Your Control" inspired to me to look into other Crooked Fingers songs. This is definitely a band I can see myself getting into. Now I sorta wish I had seen both night of Neko so that I could have heard CF live!

Your Control (feat. Neko Case)- Crooked Fingers
Call To Love- Crooked Fingers

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