Friday, March 27, 2009

The Killers Cover Bright Eyes. No, Really.

Wowza. This is one cover I never would've predicted. The Killers do David Bowie? Sure. The Killers do Springsteen? Yeah, fine. The Killers do U2? Duh. The Killers do Bright Eyes? Whhaaaa?!??!?!?

Yeah. Brandon Flowers & Co. have recorded a cover of Bright Eyes's "Four Winds." Let me rephrase: The Killers, who make epic disco rock, covered the song "Four Winds," by Bright Eyes, who make alternative bluegrass country jams and trembling ballads.

The thing is, I actually really, really like it. The Killers transformed "Four Winds" from a rollicking, violin-heavy country tune to a spacey dance track.



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