Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Gap

I went shopping with my mom yesterday, and while I was in the Gap I noticed that their soundtrack in the store is basically a who's-who of blogged-out indie groups. Vampire Weekend's "M79" was sandwiched between Tokyo Police Club's "Tessellate" and Feist's "I Feel It All". Not to mention some peppy twee-pop songs that I'd never heard before. It made me wonder a few things- Is the soundtrack at each Gap the same? Who chooses the music? Do they have an intentional "sound" they aim for? If there is a specific job of "music-chooser" where may I apply?

I mean really, how sick of a job would that be? You just get to make fun, happy mixtapes. And get paid.

Also the past 3 or 4 times I've been at a Gap they've played the song "Come On" by Guster. Just a funny lil observation of mine.

Speaking of Guster, this is the first summer in a while where they aren't touring. It's weird. Seeing them has become a bit of a summer tradition. They're a fantastic summer band.

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