Friday, July 25, 2008

Countdown to Rock the Bells!

I am very, very excited for Rock the Bells this weekend. While my music taste lies mostly in alternative/indie/pop, there is some rap that I absolutely love, and most of the groups and rappers in RTB fall under that category. One such rapper is Nas, whose new album, which is untitled (originally he planned to call it Nigger, but for various reasons, he did not. When Nas was on the Colbert Report the other day, Colbert suggested he use the word Reggin instead. And then he said he would "pop some truth in your ass". It was a good episode.) is full of evidence that Nas is one of the best rappers alive right now. Now, I am a huge Kanye fan, but if the world were just, Nas would have as much fame as West. Here's one of my favorite songs from Nas's latest, it's called "Queens Get The Money".

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