Thursday, December 06, 2007

Grammy nominations. *yawn*

For a music lover, I strongly dislike the Grammys. Or maybe that is to be expected of a music lover. Either way. I find the nominations boring and predictable, with no spice and no daring choices. My ultimate favorite award show (the Oscars), on the other hand, takes risks with both their nominations, not to mention the winners. With the Grammys, it is almost guaranteed that an indie artist will not be included in the Album of the Year category. Indie artists will, however, on occasion, be included in the Best New Artist category, no matter how venerable the musician may be. That said, independent artists have been accounted for under the Best Alternative Album category, but unfortunately often times the albums selected are obvious, sub-par, middle-of-the-road rock albums. This year, Kanye West leads the nomination race, with 8 noms to his name. I am a huge Ye fan, so I see no problem there. Graduation is fantastic. Next in line comes Amy Winehouse with 6 noms. I am GREATLY looking forward to her acceptance speech; let the slurring begin...
Anyway, most years I tune in to the show just to see a few of the performances, but this year I am guessing that I will just check who won the next day. Eh.

Simply because I am lazy and don't feel like typing all the nominations, here's a link to the list: clicky


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