Thursday, April 09, 2009

On the Rise: Now, Now Every Children

When they were teenagers in Blaine, Minnesota, Cacie Dalager and Brad Hale would assemble after marching band practice to write songs. It's not hard to picture the pair hunched over drums sets and crouched with guitars, recording demos in the cramped basements of their suburban homes. However, Dalager and Hale's band, Now, Now Every Children, has a sound that is anything but cramped. NNEC stack crunchy, fuzzed-out guitars on top of ethereal keyboards and, in what is the only hint of marching band influence, pounding snares to create expansive lo-fi gems that are more textured than what one expects from such a tiny line-up. After listening to tracks such as "Everyone You Know," it's impossible not to note the aching vocals, courtesy of Dalager. She sings with an unforced emotion that recalls Karen O. on "Maps," adding the essential "It" factor to separate NNEC from the pack.

Cars- Now, Now Every Children


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Noah said...

it's pretty good, but i feel like i've heard it before..