Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Minus 5

With Wilco being one of my favorite bands, I love pretty much anything any of the members touch. So, naturally, I am a huge fan of The Minus 5, a semi-super group featuring a rotating list of guests (but always fronted by Scott McCaughy). In the past, members of Wilco, the Decemberists, and R.E.M. have been in the line-up.

The first Minus 5 album I bought was "The Gun Album" (Buy it now. EVERY song is good) but I also own the equally-awesome "Down With Wilco."

I can't find a good quality Minus 5 track on YouTube to post, so for now I just recommend downloading "Retrieval of You."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nina!

You may look into one of Scott's other bands--The Young Fresh Fellows. There are a lot of youtube videos of them.

By the way, his last name is spelled "Mccaughey"