Monday, November 10, 2008

Home sick, posting out of boredom!

Hey all! I'm home sick with a sinus infection, so this post is just going to be lists and videos and blurbs...

I'm redecorating/organizing my room! I'm adding bulletin boards above my desk so I can post up pictures and magazine cut-outs and other inspiring garbage, and I got a Wilco poster (see above) to go above my bed. I also got frames that fit LP covers, so I'm going to pick out a few records with cool covers to put up. Suggestions?

I got an extremely friendly and flattering email from Marissa over at The Anti DC, as well as a shout-out in her Dan Deacon post. It's feels great to get some feedback on my writing as I'm trying to practice for a future career! Also, I don't know if many people read this at all so it's nice to know that these posts aren't lost in cyberspace.

I Leave You With This:

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Leigh said...

Hi Nina--

Thanks for the comments and for linking to your blog. I have it bookmarked now!

I have a few records framed in my apartment and they're a mix of things I really like (like Wilco's Sky Blue Sky) and used vinyl I've found that just looks cool. One of my favorites is an old Elvis record called "Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite" (You can see a picture of it here: I think I got it for $5!

You should check out old bookstores and vinyl shops for great deals on vintage records!