Thursday, October 02, 2008

blink-182 2.0

I don't care what you say, blink-182 was a great band. Their music was unpretentious, non-emo punk-pop with honest, funny lyrics and melodies embedded with earworms the size of highways. Now that blink-182 has disbanded and the members have gone on to form arena-rockers Angels & Airwaves and pop-punkers (+44), there is a void in the pop-punk universe.

However, I think Motion City Soundtrack is the band to fill that hollow spot. While often lumped in with the Fall Out Boys and Panic at the Discos of the music world, MCS belong in their own league. They have a knack for musicality, and their melodies are catchy without being kitschy or stale. But mostly, their lyrics pass over the emo pitfall and opt instead to be sincere while tongue-in-cheek- just as those of their predecessor, blink-182.

MCS just released an acoustic EP on iTunes that craftily transforms their hyper tunes into mellow, more focused songs. Highlights on the EP include "It Had To Be You" and "Fell In Love Without You." The latter becomes an entirely new creature on the EP; it goes from being a frenzied, danceable album-starter to an earnest reflection on heartache.

Motion City Soundtrack is not, by any means, a new band. With this new EP though, they could finally reach the fan base that blink-182 left behind.

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