Monday, June 23, 2008

F Yeah! I Want My FNMTV!

I missed it. By a few years, by a generation, whatever. I missed when MTV was actually MUSIC television. For my generation, MTV has just been about The Hills, and Real World, and My Super Sweet Sixteen- not to mention the truly craptastic shows like Next and Parental Advisory. Even MTV2 is just reruns of Punk'd and Cribs. No music. I once tried to get into TRL and watch it after school everyday, but then I got sick of it because it was the same terrible music videos every day, and the hosts were annoying. I've always wanted an MTV show that actually focused on music and new videos that were interesting.

I think I found that show. On Friday nights all summer, there is a new show called F'N MTV (the FN stands for either "Friday Night" or "Feedback Now"). It's hosted by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, who I really do not care for at all, but I watched the first episode and sort of...loved it. To start with, the mix of groups who appeared, performed and premiered new videos were eclectic, so say the list. Lil Wayne and Duffy each performed their latest singles. Vampire Weekend, Shawty Lo and Boys Like Girls each premiered new videos. Katy Perry was on the commenting board, along with two other fellows who are somehow qualified to comment on music videos. The format of the show was fun and interesting, and so simple that you wonder why MTV doesn't just make all of their programming like that. It was, without a doubt, the best two hours of MTV I've ever watched.

For starters, Vampire Weekend premiered their "Oxford Comma" video, which was awesome. It's a single shot and very Wes Anderson (one of the commenting men was very happy to have made this comment of about Anderson. He seemed quite smug after mentioning it. Which made me resent the fact that I noticed it too.) and not to mention that "Oxford Comma" is a great song. BLG premiered some emo-pop video of theirs that I didn't care for because it looked and sounded like every emo-pop song/video ever.... Duffy was great performing "Mercy," Lil Wayne was better performing "A Milli". People could text their opinions of the videos as they aired and then there would be a tally of people's opinions after the video. Pete Wentz was not even as annoying as I had anticipated (granted, I anticipated 100% annoyance).

Basically, the show was pretty awesome. If they kept this the whole year I would definitely tune in. To put it in the words of one nervous hipster who sent a video of himself commenting on the "Oxford Comma" video: "It was...the best thing I've seen on MTV. Ever."

Oh and I just remembered that Lil Mama showed a video too, which was great! Yeah! F'N MTV! Yeah!


Angry John Sellers said...

I sincerely hope for your sake that this is a trend that continues! (Although Pete Wentz and Katy Perry and Li'l Wayne can all suck it.) But knowing a lot about MTV -- considering I'm the oldest dude in the world and have been watching religiously since 1981 -- I tend to doubt that it will. The channel hasn't been the same since The Real World debuted in 1992.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I miss real music tv. Even Vh-1 followed the trend and now there's no place left to see videos without horrid reality shows or other shows that they throw together.

I miss mtv :(