Monday, December 17, 2007

Fix You- Young at Heart

This has to be one of the single most moving things I've ever seen. Young at Heart is a octogenarian chorus line that performs strictly "young" songs (ranging from the Ramones to Sonic Youth to Coldplay). They group has a documentary that I believe is being released in the U.S. sometime later this year. No two ways about it, they are truly, truly fantastic. Just watch. If you don't feel a huge rush of emotion, you have no soul. Amen.

Oh and here's the little blurb that is next to it on YouTube:
This is from a documentary shown on Channel 4 in the UK called 'Young@Heart'; the name of the New England octogenarian chorus line. The performer here is Fred Knittle, who suffers from congestive heart failure. This song was intended to be a duet between Fred and another chorus member, Bob Salvini. Sadly, Bob died of a heart attack and it was left to Fred to carry the song on his own. If I'm correct, the people you see crying at 01:13 are Bob's family. The lady you occasionally see mouthing the lyrics in the audience is Fred's wife.

Young at Heart website

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